Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Everyone who takes up the study of the laws of mind will find that many of his long views and ideas must give place to the truths we find in the new dispensation.

A willingness to give up the false way is in the highest degree essential to one who takes up the study with honest, sincere desire to grasp an understanding of Spiritual Principles.

To read with honesty, openness and a sincere desire for truth regardless of what the world may say or think, will open ones mind to what otherwise would not appeal to ones judgement at all.

It is universally admitted that former ways of thinking, believing and doing, have always been more or less disappointing, and have not brought the comfort and happiness man has always hungered for.

Each year of a man's life is an experiment, and every new scheme has its doubtful side. Men go on in life full with fear and uncertainty enough to weaken their efforts to a great extent, all because true principles are not understood and brought to bear upon their undertakings.

Harmony is the law of the universe, and it should be the aim of every man, woman and child to seek a knowledge of the Spiritual laws.

Man was created upright with dominion over all things. So long man maintains a consciousness of his divine nature, he will think and act in line with that divine harmony which gives dominion, otherwise the mortal gains supremacy and he loses his dominion, meaning when he allows the carnal mind to rule he is out of harmony with Divine Law.

We prove by demonstrating that knowledge of Spiritual principles will bring harmony out of discord, and give health for sickness and strength for weakness.

By the knowledge and faithful practice of Spiritual principles, life may be made one continual blessing to oneself and every one about us, because the very nature of the law is harmony.

To gain practical knowledge of the principles, one has to be willing to begin at the very beginning of truth based on man's son ship to God as Mind, Spirit, First Cause, which are all names of God. Man is the offspring of Divine Mind, and the image and likeness of the same, therefor we want to reason all the way in harmony with that statement.

To consider with deliberation what constitutes mind in the perfection we ascribe to God. We are forced to the conclusion that mind is the underlying substance from which emanates every attribute of Divinity, Life, Truth, Love, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Purity, all of which fill the universe and tend continually to good for the children of man.

As man in his essential nature is designed to be and to act perfectly as the image and likeness of God, all imperfect action and being are contrary to God's design and contrary to God's will.

We are not to gauge our course of action, nor our beliefs by what we see others do and think, nor depend upon what some one else knows or believe, but aim to know what is true for ourselves, and thus educate the judgement to see clearly how principles work in our lives.

Every one should understand and develop their own powers of mind, which powers are the gift of God to his children, to whom he gave dominion over all the earth.

Without knowledge of this divine power we are in bondage to ignorance, with it we are made free, and we then have the mind that was in Christ, and can do the works he did.

Truth is a great working principle, without which there can be no harmony, and we find an understanding of its working qualities essential in using it, else Christ would never have made the knowledge of truth necessary to freedom.

The lack of faith in what truth will do for us has always stood like an impenetrable cloud of darkness between the conscious mind of man, and the good things he desires.

We are not required to exercise blind faith in what we can not understand, but our faith should be based in philosophical reasoning, based upon the premise that God is the Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence Spirit. As God is Mind and man is the image and likeness of God, man is also mind in his essential nature, and he possesses the attributes of God consciously in proportion as he recognises and acknowledges them and lives in harmony with Divine law. To understand is to be able to give a reason for the hope within us.

Man was given dominion over all flesh in the beginning, and still retains it, provided he lives in accord with the principles of truth.

Harmony is the law of the universe. Harmony in the earth-life is Divine law manifest, when true principles are understood and acted upon, perfect harmony of mind and body is the result.


There is one Creator, one God, one Presence. I acknowledge my oneness with It. I cannot be separated from my good, which is ever expanding within the limitless Presence. I let go of the old, and embrace the new. Life is transformed for me by fresh ideas, new activities, greater breadth of vision, and a wider scope of accomplishment. I perceive reality now.

I am serenely confident on the good Life offers me. I am thankful for my changed outlook. I let go of the past completely in this acceptance of abundant, joyous, creative living, now and always.

Jane W Yarnall: Practical Healing for Mind and Body: 1891

Friday, April 10, 2009


God created me out of His own Life-Force and Energy. Each hour, each day, the new me is being reborn according to the newness of my thoughts. I let old memories and all old, limited concepts go.

Infinite Life within me, infinite Love within me, fills me with its holy strength and vitality here and now. I am filled with new courage; new faith and all old fears and doubts are dissolved thoroughly. My body is the embodiment of immortal Life, Power, Joy and Vitality.

I am strong with the strength of Universal Life and its vitalising energy. Perfect Life within me, perfect Love within, coordinates all my functions, organs, secretions into perfect harmony and health.

There is no retention of hate-stuff, age-stuff and waste stuff. I let the radiant Reality of Life flow through me and refresh me completely. I relax. I let God work. I am born anew, for God is the Life of my being, the Truth of my being and the Substance of my being here and NOW.

God's will for me is endless life, boundless strength and natural harmony. I am transformed by the complete transformation of my mind.