Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Starting Point

We learn from the Bible that, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” Whatever power there is in God’s Word, the same power is also in our own words. There is no avoiding the fact that the Bible claims for us the same power in our own life and our own world that it claims for God. In the lives of the majority, many do not realise that the Word is in their own mouths.

Do we who are endeavouring to realise the greater truths of life always govern our words? If any word has power, it follows then all words have power. At the same time it is not in the few moments of spiritual meditation that we demonstrate, but we bring out the possibilities of the hidden word when we are allowing our thoughts to run in any direction, in those long hours stretching themselves into days, months and years we are always using the word, that is what we demonstrate in our lives.

An hour a day spent in silent meditation will not save us from the confusion of life; the fifty one percent of a persons thinking is what counts.

We thus find that the process of creation is always an inner thought process. We should keep in mind, that, the Spirit makes all things out of Itself, that the Word, which is the inner activity of thought comes first in the creative series and all else comes from the effect or the Word operating upon a universal substance.

The Creative energy of the Universal Mind may be safely trusted to work through the specialising influence of our own thought. The more we bring our thought into harmony with the Life, Love and Beauty which the Spirit is, the less negative conditions will obtain.

We must if we wish to prove the power of the Spirit in our lives, look not to outside things or effects, but to the Spirit alone.

When we realise that man is like God, (and he could not be otherwise, being made out of God), we will realise that man’s word also has power. If there is but One Mind, then it follows that our word, our thought is the activity of that One Mind in our consciousness. Man’s life is identical with that of the Spirit, not something sent forth to wander away by itself, but something included in and forming part of Greater Life.

We who wish to practice metaphysics must first, last and all the time, realise that we are centers of the divine activity; we must know that whatever God is in the Universal, God is in the world in which we live.

We must discover for ourselves that we stand in the midst of an eternal creative power which presses itself around our own thoughts, and that It casts back to us glorified all that we think. If it awakens within our consciousness the realization that the mind of the Universe (which is the only mind there is), is our own mind, that the creative power of this mind is ours also, that the manifestation of this mind is our own individuality; that the love and power and peace of this mind is within ourselves, then we would have come to the light and some deeper mysteries and meaning of life for then we’ll live in harmony of this Power.


My life is God in action! I give my attention today to this living Presence animating my body and expressing in my affairs. I realise how my own belief in God can limit or enlarge His action through me because of the creative nature of my own thoughts. The choice of ideas is mine, but the action upon them by the Law of Mind is automatic. I discover that as my thoughts embrace God’s nature I find His Intelligence, Love, Peace and Harmony reflected in every aspect of my life.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


If there are other doubts assailing us, the still small voice bids us read further, learn more of the teachings of this Perfect Man. It bids us remember how he went even so far as to ask us, if we would not believe his words, to believe the actual words he performed, the actual healings of the sick and maimed, the restoration of sight to the blind, of life to those believed dead, the providing of abundant food for the multitudes. It bids us remember that these were only a recorded few of the many deeds performed.

The intellect might still argue that these seeming miracles were performed two thousand years ago, that things are far different today. But, deep within our hearts we hear the assurance of Jesus,”Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be made full,” and we know that the only limit to our joy and health and supply is of our own making.

Never, in any of his teachings, did Jesus limit his followers in the deeds they could perform, in the words they were to speak, the manner in which they were to spread the gospel of Divine Love, “Greater works than these shall ye do,”.. “It is not ye that speak, but the Holy Spirit” he declared, for he knew of the possibilities of the Christ nature within all men.

He professed to be the way and the truth and the life, but his pattern was not intended to restrict his followers. It was, and is, a broad pattern, ready always for growth, and expansion. He pointed the way, and still continues today in the heart of everyone willing to accept his teachings to point toward a way of thinking and living that moves beyond the horizons of the intellect and all previously constructed, manmade beliefs.

His way and his promises are so wonderful, so full of hope and love and joy, we hesitate to accept them as “natural” and as meant for such as we.

Instead, daily we allow limited, biased, restricted thoughts and words and actions to govern our life, Here is a simple example, showing but one of the prevailing habits formed by the intellect, the need for guidance the still small voice in the reformation of our thoughts.

We need to constantly open wide our consciousness to the limitlessness of the goodness of God, to the truth that our Father is not only the Source of our Life, Health, Supply and Happiness, but our Infinite Life, Infinite Health, Infinite Supply and Infinite Happiness, without beginning or ending.

Everything that hints of limitation should be denied and replaced with recognition of God as Eternal Good.

Then we will soon come to realise the truths which the still small voice constantly whispers, know that no goals is beyond our reaching, no overcoming too difficult, that growth is eternal ; that nothing is ever “finished”, that undreamed-of worlds or expression yet remain to be developed, untouched beauty yet to become manifest, more lasting love and joy and inspiration to fill our soul.

We will realise our thoughts can step at any time from the undesirable abode of limitation into the consciousness of the “many mansions” of the Heavenly Kingdom as we become willing to listen, patient in learning, and try to love more the Divine Creative Spirit in ourselves and in all men.

We will find the still small voice within us urging the unity of two seemingly separate entities which, in meeting, blend into but One Existence. This is the moment of oneness which acknowledges no separation from All-Good. In this moment we accept the basic truths of Being as the only reality, the fact of the eternity of life and love, the infinity of the possibilities of the goodness of God.

This wonderful, still small voice will reassure us that we will at the proper time , in the right order , told all we need to know, be given all the strength and courage and joy needed to continue in our progression toward perfection. It will assure us that with God, all things are possible, that without Him nothing is completely expressed.

It will remind us of the words of our beloved Master, “I will pray the Father, and He shall give you another comforter, that he may be with you forever, even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive; for it beholdeth him not, neither knoweth him; ye know him ; for he abideth with you, and shall be in you.”

Sunday, July 3, 2011


In times of doubt and confusion, times when we feel limited by undesirable appearances or conditions, we need to cock one ear toward God, be patient and still, and listen with all our heart and soul for the “still small voice.” That will bring the answer, the freedom, the assurance and relief vital to a happy and victorious life.

What is this still small voice? How and where can we find it? What is its message? We are familiar of course, with our conscience. We know when it “bothers” us, or when it “speaks” to us do we not? This is but the beginning rustle and stir of Holy Spirit within, the beginning of our awareness of the still small voice which lives with us and within us, whether or not we follow its guidance.

When we silence the clamour of self –will, resentment, agitation and rebellion concerning our problems we will be able to hear and recognise the true wisdom from above, that wisdom which is “first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be entreated...”(Jas.3:17).

This quiet but magnificent Guide, the Christ Self, urges us continually to awaken and grasp the opportunity to behold the Truth of Being about ourselves and the Heavenly Kingdom provided for us.

It is impossible to explain completely the wondrous content of its message, for it would be somewhat like trying to put all the thrilling beauty of a colourful sunset into a few words. To one, the flaming sky might be a glorious inspiration to compose a beautiful melody, to another it may mean a riot of colour to be put upon canvas, to another a flow of expressive words; in another it may arouse supreme strength needed to rise above an unhappy situation, in another, new trust and faith to keep on “keeping on.”

Each a different message, but a wonderful one, moulded according to the individual need, aspiration and desire.

One quality however, the message of the still small voice of Truth forever contains the quality of limitlessness, eternity, infinity. As we listen to this voice within, we will find it possible to drop all hurry, anxiety and confusion, accepting the simple conviction that all negation is only temporary while the goodness of God, His love for us, is eternal.

Contrary to wishful thinking, fanciful day-dreams, the truths arising from the depths of the Holy Spirit contain the important basic facts about all creation, about our Real Self. The Still small voice is ever ready to tell us of these truths, but the intellect, the argumentative mind, denies their practicality, declares them “too good to be true”, and prefers to accept thoughts of a restricted, limited content as more natural.”

The intellect tells us that it is natural for man to catch a cold from his neighbour, be sick and weak occasionally, suffer failure and unhappiness. The still small voice bids us reject these beliefs in favour of the pattern laid down for us by the man Jesus, the man who set the example of what we truly are, spiritually perfect beings, created after the image and likeness of our Heavenly Father.

The intellect insists that our success and prosperity depend upon certain material circumstances; that it would be unnatural for everyone alike to be plentifully supplied. Again, the still small voice bids us to learn of the teachings of the way shower; bids us be still and listen to His words “Be not therefore anxious, saying what shall we eat.... your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.”

(Matt. 6:31, 32) He tells the source of our every supply is always God, impartial, loving, and ready to give to those who seek and ask in His name.

If there are other doubts assailing us, the still small voice bids us read further, learn more of the teachings of this Perfect Man. It bids us remember how he went even so far as to ask us, if we would not believe his words, to believe the actual words he performed, the actual healings of the sick and maimed, the restoration of sight to the blind, of life to those believed dead, the providing of abundant food for the multitudes. It bids us remember that these were only a recorded few of the many deeds performed.

To be continued.....