Sunday, May 29, 2011

SCIENTIFIC PRAYER: What It Is – How You Can Use It

Our faith is based upon the conviction that the infinite Mind has all Intelligence, all Ability, all Power, all Wisdom, and knows how to create anything. We can think of the most difficult thing it is possible for finite minds to imagine, and can rest in the assurance that Mind knows how to solve the problem or to create the new conditions.

Our faith is likewise based upon the fact that the Universe is a system of Law and Order, and the Law of Mind always responds according to the nature of our thought. The Law never reasons with us, saying, “You know, I don’t think that would be a good thing for you to have.” We have faith in the undeviating neutrality of the Law. It has no preferences. It never draws backs and says, “That goes against the grain with me.” It is absolutely neutral. If It could talk to us if would say, “You go ahead and name it, and I’ll make it. “It does not like to make one kind of things more than another. It is willing to create whatever we dictate through out pattern of thought. The Law is an intangible principle of Mind that operates in this unswerving, obedient way because Its nature is to do so.

We are able to consciously avail ourselves to the action of the Law when we recognise its nature. When we understand that the mind in man is an individualisation of the Mind of God, Spirit, then we know when we speak our word of Good that it is the word of Spirit which is being spoken, which is the Law of its own fulfilment. We rise far above the idea of man standing erect and calling upon the great Creative Mind to do his bidding.

For when man speaks his word, being the expression of God, that word becomes the word of God and is manifest.

When we pray, we have a definite intention in our thought and the prayer is being given for a specific purpose. We become quiet within our thought and reassure ourselves of the reality of the infinite Power with which we are dealing, erecting an altar of faith and conviction in the sanctuary of our consciousness.

Next we make a series of statements, which should flow from our conviction, since there’s no magic in the words themselves. The statements used should flow spontaneously from our awareness of the Perfection of God now manifesting.

We are convincing ourselves

If we wish to pray for an increased activity in our affairs, our statement must be so formulated as to convince ourselves of that activity. Our whole endeavour is to convince ourselves and assure ourselves that there is a Divine activity in our affairs, that this activity is functioning in everything we do. It is surrounding us with love and friendship; it goes before us and prepares our way; it opens the doorway of opportunity for us and compels us to make right judgements, to act intelligently; it inspires both our thoughts and our actions. Spirit enlightens our minds and gives enthusiastic buoyancy to our acts.

We also can state that our word removes all doubt, fear and uncertainty.

When a prayer is released, it is a completed thing. It is then in the hands of the Law and will be carried forward into manifestation, just as it is.

The person who speaks his word, releases it, but is filled with doubt and misgiving as to whether it will ever be fulfilled, has his answer right then. That prayer will be answered, but in reverse.

All prayers are answered, although not always in the way we would like. But they area answered according to the individuals pattern of thinking and conviction at that time.

If our prayers are released, as Jesus’ were, with the fullest confidence that the Law can do nothing else but answer them, our demonstrations will come thick and fast. If they are released with only partial acceptance, then they will be only partially answered. If they are released with little or no inward conviction, then the answers will be of a like nature. There is no escape from this, and no exception. Remember, we are dealing with inexorable Law, which never deviates and never varies. It knows only to obey.

The Law of Mind is impersonal, like the law of electricity, which will move into action for anyone who observes the principles governing its flow. Anyone may press the button, the electricity doesn’t care who it is, for its nature is to flow at the touch of that button.

The Law of Mind will always flow in the direction of constructive creative activity when we understand and apply the principles by which It works. We have the mightiest force in all the world to command. We can step out of a prison of ignorance and fear, and into the light of a constructive expectancy which will remake our world for us.

The Value of Giving Thanks

In releasing our word to the action of the Law we do so with a glad and thankful heart. Giving thanks is a further indication that we have fully released our word. It means that we are sure of the completion of the creative process; that there are no lingering doubts.

When one has done his work thoroughly and well, he can turn his back upon the prayer, give thanks for its certainty, and rejoice in its fulfilment, even though he has not seen it outwardly fulfilled as yet.

At some time or another we have to become quiet and in the solitude of our own thought, discover for ourselves what we actually believe, and then proceed to put that faith into creative action through patterns of thinking build around that faith.

Theories are fine but meaningless except for idle speculation unless we practically apply them to any and all problems and situations which may confront us. It is wonderful to say we believe in prayer, but what can it mean to us unless we pray?

There comes a time in the process of our own growth and development when we have learned enough and we must start using what we have learned. Otherwise we can find ourselves spending a lifetime gathering together ideas which will be just a mass of interesting information of no practical value.

Regardless of how little or how much we may feel we have learned about the Science of Mind, the only time to start to make use of it is now. We have to start using today whatever we may know or we shall find that the time never comes when we feel we know enough.

The real secret to the practical application lies not in how much we know, but in the application of what we do know. And the application means only that we have to apply it, not just think about applying it.

The results, large or small, much or little, depend entirely on the degree of conscientious endeavour, enthusiasm and joy, conviction and faith we can bring to bear on any particular situation.

No one else can do any of this for us. We alone must do the applying, for the Science of Mind is to be a practical dynamic factor in everyday living. It’s up to us.

Source: Ernest Holmes (Science of Mind Magazine- July 1987)

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Reverence for the Eternal is the first thing in knowledge... Proverbs 1:7 (Moffat)

The Universal Mind contains all knowledge. It is the potential ultimate of all things.

Reverence for life is fundamental to understanding the meaning and purpose of living. Our consciousness of God is the well-spring through which we express the Eternal.

Though we are told the “Universal Mind contains all knowledge.... the potential ultimate of all things, “we still can receive only as much of this wisdom and knowledge as we are receptive to, and we keep only that which we can embody and make our own.

Unless we can recognize our relationship with the Eternal, we will not be able to understand and utilize our Divine nature to its fullest. To know God is to properly venerate His Life in us; to have both a profound honor for, and love of, all He creates.

We turn now to this Creator, our heavenly Father, and claim all that our Sonship implies – an inheritance of limitless Good.


I am one with the Eternal. I love God, my Creator, my Source of knowledge, wisdom, and their limitlessness. Divine Intelligence in me helps me possess a greater realisation of God’s Life in me. In calm trust I meet every situation.

All the good I do prospers. I bring to all my activities a vital freshness of approach which opens every door to God’s bounty.

My consciousness of God flows into every experience. I revere His Life in me and in my fellowman. At peace with my God, and with myself, my world unfolds its every benefit. And so it is!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Jesus taught three great truths, and we find them running through everything he said. The first, of course is, that God is all there is, whether it is here or hereafter.

God is Life, God is Good. The Divine forever gives of Itself to us.

The next is that there is a Power greater than we are and a Law of Mind which we are all using, whether or not we are aware of the fact. He told us exactly what this Law is and how to use It.

And he said It will never fail us because it is done unto us as we believe.

Perhaps the third is even more important than the other two; Jesus taught that the Divine Giver is also the great Forgiver, and that love will finally heal every wound, somewhere, sometime, somehow, either here or hereafter.

Knowing that the great Giver is also the Divine Forgiver, we release everything that denies this Divine givingness. We forgive ourselves and everyone else for any mistakes we or they may have made.

Therefore, say to yourself, quietly and with deep conviction: Believing that God is all the Presence there is.

I feel this Presence in everything and everyone. Realising that God is Love, I open my thoughts to such a complete inflowing of this Divine Life that I see It and feel It everywhere – the one perfect Life which is God, in people, in nature, animating every act, sustaining all movement. My faith in this Life is complete, positive, and certain.
Knowing that all things are possible to faith, I say to my own mind: Be not afraid. Faith goes before me and prepares the way.
Believing that God is in everyone, I meet Him in people and I am one with everyone I meet. Knowing that God is Peace, I open my mind to the quiet influence and the calm certainty of Peace. Knowing that God is Joy, I meet every situation in happiness. I recognise that Life within me can do all things with complete assurance, and does guide me with assurance into a greater experience of love and good.

From Ideas of Living by Ernest Holmes