Sunday, May 1, 2011


Jesus taught three great truths, and we find them running through everything he said. The first, of course is, that God is all there is, whether it is here or hereafter.

God is Life, God is Good. The Divine forever gives of Itself to us.

The next is that there is a Power greater than we are and a Law of Mind which we are all using, whether or not we are aware of the fact. He told us exactly what this Law is and how to use It.

And he said It will never fail us because it is done unto us as we believe.

Perhaps the third is even more important than the other two; Jesus taught that the Divine Giver is also the great Forgiver, and that love will finally heal every wound, somewhere, sometime, somehow, either here or hereafter.

Knowing that the great Giver is also the Divine Forgiver, we release everything that denies this Divine givingness. We forgive ourselves and everyone else for any mistakes we or they may have made.

Therefore, say to yourself, quietly and with deep conviction: Believing that God is all the Presence there is.

I feel this Presence in everything and everyone. Realising that God is Love, I open my thoughts to such a complete inflowing of this Divine Life that I see It and feel It everywhere – the one perfect Life which is God, in people, in nature, animating every act, sustaining all movement. My faith in this Life is complete, positive, and certain.
Knowing that all things are possible to faith, I say to my own mind: Be not afraid. Faith goes before me and prepares the way.
Believing that God is in everyone, I meet Him in people and I am one with everyone I meet. Knowing that God is Peace, I open my mind to the quiet influence and the calm certainty of Peace. Knowing that God is Joy, I meet every situation in happiness. I recognise that Life within me can do all things with complete assurance, and does guide me with assurance into a greater experience of love and good.

From Ideas of Living by Ernest Holmes