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3. Divine Love continued…..

We know that through the magnet of Divine Love, we draw to us our own. We know that each one can receive his own. There is no limit in the Infinite.

Therefore, underneath currents of jealousy, of competitive anxieties, or of aggressiveness are washed away. Divine Love moves serenely through each life and through each situation to bring forth abundance of good.

The practice must be consistent. Learn to substitute the quiet peace of Love for troublesome feelings and emotions and thoughts. Thus we bend the mind and the feeling nature. Our whole being is truly transformed. We draw to us different conditions. We are safe and secure. Divine Love is a potent working force.

It is important to combine our study of the attribute of Wisdom with Love, in order to establish a balance. Wisdom deals with our power to think; Love with the feeling nature. If one or the other is over-emphasised, we are not in balance in our consciousness. The two working together help to give us a strong realisation of faith in the Presence. Should we try to acquire Truth principles in the intellect alone, or by hold to “Wisdom alone, we would not establish the full consciousness of our divine oneness. Should we try to over-emphasise the feeling aspect of faith, we’ll be thrown out of balance. So it important to let the two attributes have a combined place in our consciousness.

Moses gave the commandments as laws, impressing them with the attitude of ‘thou shalt not.’ He gave the commandment; Thou shall have no other gods before me, Ex. 20:3 and Deut. 5:7, as the first commandment.

When the Pharisees questioned Jesus to test Him, He said that the great commandment is this; - Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all they heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love they neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. Matthew 22; 37-40.

Here we find the lesson for us. Love is the greatest power. Within the law of Mind-creation is Love to equalise, to harmonise, and to fulfil. In addition, Jesus shows us that we, the human manifest man, are divine at our central point. To love our neighbour as ourselves is to acknowledge the harmonious oneness of Spirit, and to act on this Truth. We are all one in Spirit, though there are many individualisations. “The waves are many but the sea is one.”

In the sixth chapter of Deuteronomy, we find Moses enlarging his teaching to include love for God. However, he did not make this precept an integral part of the Ten Commandments. So we can understand that we are seeing the soul’s unfoldment from the Adam, through the Moses consciousness, to the heights of the Christ consciousness. Moses gave us the law. Jesus Christ gave us the fulfilment through at-one-ment with Divine Love. Love is the fulfilling of the law through the harmonious action of Divine Mind and its attributes.

Moses, in his emphasis on the law, gave us the law of cause and effect as being paramount. In the forgiving love of Jesus Christ, we find the law of divine grace, as rising above the law of cause-and-effect.

For the greatness of leadership of Moses there is a place in the progress of the soul. However, we can rise to the heights of the kingdom of God consciousness through the realisation of the Christ ideal, the Son-of God consciousness.

Jesus taught us that the law of grace works for us when we turn with our whole being to God. He showed us a Creator and a creation of love. We need only turn, and we shall receive blessings. But rather seek ye the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you. Fear not, little flock; for it is your father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Luke 12;31-32.

In the parable of the Prodigal Son, Jesus taught us that the forgiving love of the Father is awaiting our turning in consciousness. The father did not even wait for the prodigal son to reach the house when he was returning in rags, after wasting all his patrimony on riotous living. The father saw him from afar off, and came forward to meet him lovingly and joyously, bearing gifts of clothing with the son needed. Jesus taught that we do not have to supplicate nor recite a list of our troubles. “The Father knoweth ye have need of these things.’

The essential point for us to understand is that we must turn. Many people do not understand what the turning means. It means that we must lift our thought and feeling from the appearances of difficulty, from belief in trouble and lack, from fears and doubts; and that we give our whole being unreservedly to Spirit, with quiet faith that Divine Love dissolves all obstacles and acts as the magnet to draw our good. It means that we turn to the beauty of God and contemplate the glory of the creation . It means that we are willing to acknowledge God as the Father, as the Lord that acts, as the Source of all-good.

In moments of darkness, hold to the Truth that Divine Love is the greatest force in the world. You will receive. This is the law of grace.

Grace is the free gift of God. It is the working of Divine Love, above the law of cause-and-effect. The condition for receiving peace and joy and fulfilment is our turning with faith. God does not question. God knows the heart, so we must learn to practice the realisation of Love and Wisdom, to be in the consciousness of Truth. Mistakes are erased when we learn to forgive, and to substitute true thoughts for the false ones. Then we offer the empty vessel ready for infilment.

We must remember to establish the truth that we are not seeking gifts outside ourselves. The source is within us and all around us. We must realise our spiritual identity.

Paul in the first Epistle to the Corinthians, the thirteenth chapter, gives us a beautiful and vivid exposition of the quality, properties and uses of Divine Love. He gives us the human use of the divine attribute. In the Revised Standard Version, the word ‘charity’ of the King James version is translated “love”. It has been said that the regular reading of this chapter brings about great changes in the life of an individual. Remembering that or world responds to our habitual thinking and feeling, we can expect wonderful thing on our pathway, when we are immersed in the attribute of Love and when we give our attention to absorbing the principle.

The End….Divine Love Attribute.

To be continued……… Power Attribute

Source: Faith and Works by Helen Zagat

Sunday, November 8, 2009


3. Divine Love

God is Love. Divine Love is the harmonious action of Spirit. It is the idea of unity in Divine Mind. Love, as this harmonious action, is the cohesive, unifying power in the creation. It is the element that holds all things in right relationship. In the realm of the physical world, the law of gravity is an example of its cohesive action. In the realm of human relationships, divine Love is the harmonising quality that adjusts and balances.

God is love. Divine Mind moves serenely, seeing good only. This is the quality of love or harmony that permeates the whole creation, whether invisible or visible. The peace of divine creativity is always in the midst. Divine Love moves silently, steadfastly, never swerving, equalizing the movement of ideas.

Divine Love is the fulfilling of the law. It is the balancing, harmonising power. The laws in Mind find completion through this attribute. The element of Love could be compared to a chemical element that is essential to the completion of a formula. Through the agency of Divine of Love the creation moves forward. It permeates the whole.

Since we are trying to raise our understanding and to show forth the spiritual identity implanted within us, let us see how the attribute of Love can work miracles in us and in our world. First of all, we must remember that we live in a creation that is Divine Mind. Thus we partake of the vibratory action of Mind. It follows that we express that to which we give our attention, or habitual thinking power. Since the attribute of Love is that which acts on the other attributes to balance, to cement, to dissolve or to increase, to quicken, then when we give our attention to harmony, we place ourselves in the stream of harmonious action. The divine purpose in the creation moves in us. When we have faith that the good is done unto us, we see the miracle of enmities dissolved, obstacles to progress removed, seeming dangers averted. We see the miracle of the attracting powers of Love moving in to fill the place of fears, doubts, and ignorance.

Divine Love attracts to us our own. We must give our faith that the glory of the invisible creative activity is unfailing, and that it works in us here and now. We remember that creation is ever in the present.

While we hold the eye of the inner vision on the unfailing light and strength of God, the law inherent in Love and Wisdom works in us and through us and for us. The essential condition is to keep our thought and feeling balanced, and on the Truth of Being, rather than on the problem.

Inherent in Love is the cleansing element, or forgiveness. When we forgive ourselves, others, and conditions, we are really lifting our condemnation; we are removing the power of our thought and emotions from the condition. And when we have cleared the path, we open the way for the flow of Divine Love. It is the greatest force there is. All things are accomplished by it. When we practice Love, our lives are transformed.

This does not mean the use of sentiment, or of a holier-than-thou attitude, or of an egoistical attitude. It means the complete giving of the self quietly and impersonally, to the harmonising activity of Divine Love. It means the disciplining of thought and emotions, so that the attribute of divine harmony can work in us. This is the place to use the human will in order to let the divine will, or perfect law of order, be done in us.

Inherent in Divine Love is the good will of the Creator. This is not the dispensation of a personalised Being, but the unfailing working of the creative law of Divine Mind. However, as we truly accept the divine spark within us, does the Creator become personal for us.

So potent is this harmonizing element that Jesus gave it as the first commandment. By knowing divine Love impersonally, we can find harmony in our world. It is not necessary to like all people, for the element of personality enters in and we are not all of similar make up; but it is important to love all people impersonally. This is the way to achieve happiness for the individual and peace for the world. We withdraw our human intellectual manipulation, and quietly place ourselves in the stream of divine harmony. Lifting the individual consciousness to the plane of Divine Love, causes that quality to radiate into the environment and then to the world.

Amazing results follow this practice, when it is made a true part of the consciousness, and is not used as an expedient measure to gain ends. The first steps seem difficult, but practice establishes us in serenity and quiet power. We know that we are always divinely protected; that there is no need for anxiety or for grasping at what might be the rights of others. We know that through the magnet of Divine Love, we draw to us our own. We know that each one can receive his own. There is no limit in the Infinite.

To be continued………

Source: Faith and Works by Helen Zagat