Saturday, July 11, 2009

TRUTH'S PRACTICE continued...

Commence your work in the place and condition that you are in, by thinking and saying: I do not fear, there is nothing to fear. The spirit of Goodness is omnipresent; it is love, power, faith or substance, it is all that I need and want. I love the truth and am in truth and of the truth, which is fearless and free.

Let your thought be that the Infinite Goodness, in which you live, sustains, in every hour, guides and gives in every need. Seek to make your thoughts loving and kind toward all persons and every thing, and it will be like unto the One which gives and sustains all that live.

Disease and pain, so to speak, are always effect; so they are subject to us; and this isdemonstrated by truthful thought, and the non-reality of disease is proven. Where fear and negation are not, pain is not. When there is an appearance of pain, if you doubt not that truth will heal you; speak quickly the words of life and Truth, and you will prove its mastery and freedom. Whatever the the occupation may be, truth applies alike to all, and is the remedy for all error.

Let not work, worry or fret you, you may prevent it from so doing, by thinking that the more I worry and fret, the less competent am I to execute and make desirable conditions that the strength and concentration which is necessary for the accomplishment of the work, is expended in worry and fretting; therefore, say there is nothing to worry and fret about, that you desire to do what you are doing, and that you are happy. If you thus affirm, believing, your work becomes a pleasure, and worry ceases.

Spirit manifests with order and law. Its thought is a living image of itself; Its word is a form or symbol of It's thought. It has no anxiety nor worry; fear, fault finding,are effects of selfishness, or self desire; in the present moment, hour, or day, there is sufficient work to be done, without thought of the morrow or fearing the future.

If we build a bridge, vessel, or structure of any kind, the plan of the structure is first completed,, then the builder, step by step, is guided by the plan to its completion. Each day brings its duty, or new part of the work, which brings it further on the way toward a perfect whole; and today's work, which brings it further on the way toward a perfect whole; and today's work in a preparation for tomorrow's work.

No amount of anxiety can aid the work or hasten its completion, or change the plan. If by accident any part of the structure be destroyed, no amount of anxiety can aid in replacing it; the work must be done again, and all that can be done can be accomplished better without anxiety and fear, than with it, so, also, can the problem of life be demonstrated by each individual.

Some conscientiously say: I feel that I am powerless to help myself; I have not attained to truth, but I believe I could attain to it and live the life if I was situated as some are, etc, Do not feel discouraged though you have tried a thousand times to live the life, and have seemed to fail, all effort is success in motive. Do not be anxious about your situation- be willing to commence your work in your present surroundings, for you now know that you are not subject to elements, climates, surround environment, heredity, nor any mortal thing; for the immortal cannot be subject to the mortal.