Saturday, August 22, 2009


In all states of consciousness there is no spiritual growth without understanding and wisdom. “Wisdom is Divine Principle.” Through Wisdom comes true understanding. It is the higher plane of understanding. Every faculty of mind has its own work. One faculty cannot develop for another any more than the hand can perform the work given the foot to do. Without Understanding, man cannot build to the highest. Understanding is an attribute of the mind, not merely that intellectual state arrived at through the study of books or from giving lodgment to the sayings of others. In Truth it is a conscious recognition that the Spirit of Wisdom within man is the same in essence, though not in degree, as Infinite Wisdom. The Father and Son are one. “It is the spiritual awakening on the saving power of Truth. “Because of ignorance concerning the reality of God, man taught that sin, sickness, poverty and all seeming evils are realities. Paul preached that through ignorance, having the understanding darkened, we are alienated from the life of God.

Men have built great centers of learning, have sought education on the material plane, and have defined a little learning as wisdom. With the acquisition of learning based on materiality comes pride of life, “Which is not of the Father. “And which works destruction to the individual. So long as man remains ignorant of his true self the circle will repeat itself. “There is a Spirit in man, and the Almighty given him understanding. “By giving recognition to this Spirit of Wisdom in man, your true self, you will become conscious of your oneness with Infinite Wisdom.

Education on the material basis is from without; it is the acquaintance with facts on the evidence of a third party. You enter school-room, take a book and read a page to you it has not much meaning, yet when another person explains his idea of the subject matter, you accept his version because you believe he as analyzed it.

True education is from within; it is to lead forth the facts of which you are possessor. “Jesus spoke always from within, and in a degree that transcends all others. “He was made perfect in that higher Wisdom which knows the Omnipotence of God. He declared the “Kingdom of God is within you, “then there must be the dwelling place of the attributes of God, the Spirit of Wisdom. If we would know God we should make it the purpose of our lives to identify ourselves with the good only and should seek for and obtain Spiritual Understanding. “Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.” It is only by experience that we come to understand the difference between intellectual and spiritual knowledge. There is no purifier in this world to be compared with spiritual knowledge, and he who is purified in devotion findeth spiritual knowledge springing up spontaneously in himself in the progress of time.” We gain spiritual knowledge in just the degree that we are able to accept and assimilate Truth. Intellect accepts Truth; Wisdom applies Truth.

You hear a Truth statement but it does not interest you from an intellectual standpoint; you believe it true, but you drop it for something else in which you are interested. At another time a difficult problem may present itself and you worry over it, finally, you go to God in the silence, wisdom brings froth from within the very Truth you are interested in. Immediately you see the application your problem. That truth is yours from the moment you make use of it and as long as you use it. Spiritual knowledge comes in the stillness, in the silence; where peace has been brought about by love; there wisdom builds to the highest.

Infinite Love overcomes all thoughts of malice, unforgiveness, and selfishness, Jesus prayed. “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. “The spirit dominant in Jesus is the same today in you as it was in him. The Christ Spirit, perfect in understanding. When Love has wrought a consciousness of peace, it is succeeded by a higher consciousness, that of Divine Wisdom, which gives out knowledge and understanding. Love, by overcoming, has made it possible for Wisdom to build upon a solid foundation. The greatest up building is accomplished in the stillness or silence, for “without sound of ax or hammer or other tools, “the wise man builds the “Temple of the Living God.” The reason we do not trust Divine Wisdom in the fullest sense of the word is because we have devoted too much time to the sordid things of life. Our degree of realization has been so small that we have had more fear than faith in the Word. It is only in the degree that we trust the God within, the Love, Power, Wisdom, as the All Good, that we get the realization of Love, Power, Wisdom, of the All Good. To us, God will no longer be mere principle or theory but a living reality to whom we may turn in every affair of life, even as a child turns to its loving earthly parent. Our concern should be to “prepare the heart clean like paper whereon Divine Wisdom may imprint characters to His own liking.”

Man, in his ignorance of God, pictures God as both loving and wrathful, treating His children as an earthly king might do his earthly subjects, rewarding and punishing, healing and afflicting, according to man-made laws. The light pierced the darkness when Jesus said, “God is Love.” “Doth a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter?” God is Omnipresent, Unchangeable Substance, out of which all the needs of man are fulfilled, whether they are of spirit, body or environment.

One who portrays God as Creator who withholds the least part of good from one of His creations, the one who declares hate and Love, evil and Good, death and Life, health and disease, sin, poverty, sickness, sorrow, as all emanating from the same source, a God Infinite Love, this one has “ Wisdom that descendeth not from above, but is earthly,” It is the world’s wisdom on the world plane and you will never be able to trust God to heal your body, or give to your own Good so long as you believe it. “But the Wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy.”

The wonder is that having heard the word pictures painted by those who has the wrong concept of God (yet whom we have considered intelligent) as a monster of cruelty who will awful suffering upon defenseless man, that, all man-kind has not rejected him.

To be continued

From: Prove Me Now, by Isadora Minard