Sunday, December 13, 2009


5. Spiritual Substance

God is substance. Spiritual Substance is spiritual energy, emanating from God-Mind in creative activity. Spiritual Substance is the idea of all-ness in Divine Mind. It is the real out of which all things in the creation are formed.

We have accepted the truth that God is Mind and that Divine-Mind is all; but, for, many people, there remains a vague doubt or puzzlement as to how the eternal verity can be transformed into the minutiae of our daily needs in our little human lives.

At this point, let us be clear as to the real meaning of substance. We must make the distinction between the use of the word in the popular, worldly sense, and the metaphysical meaning. We are not using the word, substance, to designate a material manifestation, such as “an object made of a hard, shiny substance. Spiritual Substance is invisible to the five senses of man.

Spiritual Substance is invisible Mind-Energy, or Mind-Essence. It is the reality within the creation, either the invisible or the visible creation. Substance is that out of which all things are formed. It is the reality back of and within every visible form or expression in the creation. It is ever in process of movement. It is responsive to the pressure of man’s thoughts and feeling. That is why it is important for man to train his essential thinking patterns, and his emotions.

Spiritual Substance is really Omnipresence. It is the “body of God,” or the permeating essence. In this Substance inhere all the basic, creative ideas in Divine Mind. All that is needed is within the invisible, shimmering, radiant Substance. It is swift and unfailing in its response to man’s call of faith.

The comprehension of the attribute of Substance can be the key that opens the gate to the living of life in the miracle way. It is most important to probe beneath even what is called “deep meaning”. When we open our minds to Divine Wisdom, we receive revelation of truth to the consciousness. By meditation and receptivity, we are shown the true meaning.

Thus we receive a vivid realization of our connection with the Infinite and with the divine attributes.

Man has not recognised Substance because his thought has been centred on effect instead of cause; on the manifestation in matter instead of on the idea back of manifestation.

The truth is that Substance is the reality. We can comprehend this more vividly when we examine the Scriptures with understanding.

We have already referred to the book of Genesis, chapters one and two. And we find that Jesus proved the reality of the invisible Substance continually, as He taught and ministered to the people. In the fourth Chapter of the book of John, He tried to bring the truth of Substance to the attention of His disciples; Say ye, there are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? Behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest. John 4:35. In this lesson, we see the meaning of Substance. All is ever waiting in the invisible, ready to come into form, according to the visioning of man. This visioning is above the psychological faculty of visualizing, which deals with the picturing of material things.

To envision the divine Principle is to make at-one-ment with Spirit. Then the perfection of Spirit works in us and through us and for us. The manifestation is greater than that which can think.

When we have a true comprehension of the invisible, omnipresent Substance, our underneath feeling and thinking mold the Substance in a general way, for the manifestation of good. There are times to be specific. For instance, one knows that one needs to meet obligations in our world, or that one wants health, or harmony in certain situations, or inspiration for achievement in creating work. Then give thanks that the invisible Substance, in which all divine ideas inhere, comes into manifestation to meet every good need and more.

That which is held in mind comes into form. The more that we hold in mind the beauty, the permeating essence, and the infinity of Substance, the more does its perfection come into perfect form for us.

Spiritual Substance, Divine Attribute to be continued………

Source: Faith and Works by Helen Zagat