Sunday, September 4, 2011


Truth teaches us that God is Good, all Life, the only Reality there is. That God is not a person, but that God is the “Absolute,” nothing being comparable to God.

We read: God created man in His own image, God is Spirit and that God is Mind. Spirit:- an intelligence conceived apart from any physical organism or embodiment; the intelligent, immaterial part of man. Mind:- the entire spiritual nature, that which thinks, feels, wills and desires; From Spirit: we deduce that God (Mind) is the Creator; man is that which is created. Man is an expression of thought generated in Mind (God). Therefore man, the true creation, is God-likeness . Grasping this idea man reasons truly that there can be but one conclusion at which to arrive, that he is the son of the Creator.

As a son of God, man has as his rightful inheritance all the attributes of the God-head. To know man as made in the “image and likeness of God, is to him as expressing all of God’s Divine Qualities, Love, Life, Health, Wisdom. However, unless man accepts the gifts bestowed upon him and uses the privileges given him; unless he manifests his divine mission, thereby living as the heir, man will remain in ignorance of the Truth regarding God.

The Spirit in man is like unto its source, perfect, true, illimitable. This consciousness of Truth inspires him to a higher and nobler life.

Man has withheld from himself his rightful position as heir and son of God. To whom all things are possible. Whilst believing the words of Christ as true, man failed in that he did not do the works. Jesus tells us that we should be doers of the word.

The thing that stands between man and God is the personal self, and only by putting it under control of the Divine self can man hope to stand in God-likeness. As we look on the bodily manifestation of man, he is personal; but in his spiritual being he is an individual. The personal is not the real man; the real man is the spirit which is in the Image and Likeness of God. To overcome personality does not mean losing individuality. God (Good) radiates life to the individual; again the individual should radiate Good to those about him, and this he will do when he understands his oneness with the Creative Power.

Therefore in accepting the teachings of Jesus we must put them into practice which is doing the works. Man must rid himself of the idea that he is of the earth, earthy. Christ in saying: “I am from above, acknowledged his own divinity. He proclaimed the divinity of all mankind when he said, “I am in my Father, and ye in me and I in you.”

Let us express in our body the power we have within ourselves by claiming for it Purity, Love, Health, Strength, and all good. Man must cease to look upon himself as other than the Son of God, made in His Image and Likeness. Man must know that he is complete in God, then will he grow into God-Likeness.

To unfold spiritually, man must separate himself in thought from the “I am not.” The unreal, and know only the good. So long as man allows the material self to deny the Christ, or true Self, just so long will he be kept out of his inheritance. Now is the time to assert our self and be what God knows us to be.

Man is the Son of the Intelligence, therefore intelligent. He loves, or is capable of loving because the Essence of his being is Love;

To advance along the line of truth we must get thorough understanding of the Principe of Being; we must know the true Self (the “I am,” ”Spirit of Christ,” “Son of God.”) is in the “Image and Likeness of God,” the highest good, which is Divine.


I and my Father are one. I am a child of God created in His Image and Likeness. The Spirit is the same in me as it was in Jesus. I claim my divinity. I know only the good.

Source of material: Isidora H. Minard (Prove Me Now “Ten Lessons in Truth” 1926)