Sunday, November 13, 2011


Creative evolution is evolution you can do something about. It is the evolution of you. It is using the power of your mind to evolve yourself into the person you desire to be.

It is part of visualising yourself as a happy, peaceful, successful person. It is seeing yourself in a mental movie climbing the mountain peaks of life.

It is opening yourself wide open to the best in life. It is inviting goodness, truth, beauty, and inspiration to flow into every cell of your being.

It is associating with those upward reach and high expectations, that you may catch the sparks from their noble spirits.

It is releasing words from the pages of great books and putting them to work in your life.

It is setting goals for doing good works and organising yourself for achievement

It is being forever alert for ways in which you can improve yourself and serve more effectively.

It is dreaming magnificent dreams and building solid, realistic foundations under them.

It is seeking the light of Love to illuminate the path before you.

It is having such a burning desire to grow that nothing can stop you.

It is thinking of yourself as continuously becoming more than you are, day by day, month by month, year by year. This is creative evolution.

Words inspired by Wilfred A Peterson, ....making every day life more manageable.