Saturday, June 20, 2009


God, being the source of all life, must necessarily be the source of health. Health is the pure inflow of Creative Life coming to us freely for the free operation of all our powers. Life in its fullest and freest sense is synonymous with health. God is the source of all life, the fountain of health.

There are few people who do not believe in God. But the conception of God varies largely with the individual.

God exists in all created things. The word ex-ist means a standing forth out of, or a manifestation of, being. As the scientist have reduced all energy to the atom and this to the etheric principle we can see how God dwells in and composes all things. He manifests Himself in man, in life, mental, physical and spiritual. Even the least religious person realises that there is an area in the soul in which God can be felt.

God is the Principle of Life in and through all nature. He is immanent (indwelling) in all created things. These are expressions of God, the projection of God's thought into visible form. Hence, man in a manifestation or expression of the Divine Idea of Man, and here we must refer to the Mosaic account of Creation, where- in we are told that God made Man in His own image and likeness.

This does not mean, that we are imaged in God's form physically, or have a likeness to Him corporeally, for our physical formation is entirely designed as an equipment for earthly requirements. But it means that we are made in God's image and likeness spiritually -- we are all emanations of the Divine Spirit.

The Divine Principle is self-manifesting in Law, and as such can be and is in all things created and uncreated. It permeates the Universe. In personalising God we are certain to err because of our conception of personality. We limit the Infinite in its powers and operations. The poet tells us that to the one who sees God in nature every bush is a burning bush and the ground on which he stands is holy. And we know that the statement is true. God's omnipresence would be impossible were He a person. This view takes nothing away from that which regards God as person merely. It adds scope and distance to that concept, which has been limited. It explains what before one could not well understand.

It was this image that Jesus sought to impress on our consciousness. For while we can understand God best as Principle we cannot apprehend Him as principle solely, since principle is not sentient, whereas God is both Principle and Consciousness. God has created nothing that is not in Himself.

Many people may regard this as cold and abstruse view of God, whom they consider humanly as a tender, loving Father. But there is no other way in which He can be apprehended because He is Spirit; His Being is on a plane totally different from ours.

One revelation of God's presence or power within the individual soul is worth all the books ever written so far as that one person is concerned. If every person who believes in God were asked as to the cause of his or her belief the answer would be: I believe there is a God because He has manifested Himself to me. I have felt God within me."