Sunday, June 7, 2009

IMMEDIACY ye the kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you. - Luke 12:31

Every person is responsible for the stewardship of his life. That we are conscious beings means we have to take this precious gift and develop its potentials. We have to exercise faith in an eternal Good even in the midst of changing circumstances. Our stewardship is to let the Divine attributes come into fruition through our thoughts, word, and deed. The wonder of life is that we can look upon beauty, we can sense what is wise. We have an infinite Intelligence within ourselves we can use positively and constructively, and which will lead us into the ways that are peaceful, wholesome, and right for our expressions.

Our faith must have an immediacy about it in order to keep it vital. It should prod us to extend our living into ever new realisations of God; we should step beyond today's experience with new courage, widen our horizons of concern through loving, healing action.

The great Biblical commandments always point us toward God's perfect creative and healing Power in our lives; our part is to accept It. Let us tend our lives with prayer, meditation, and practice; water well with sincerity, prune with honesty, harvest with joy, and share.

I am indwelt by the Divine Wholeness, and accept today every
quality that makes for my complete wellbeing- physically,
mentally,and materially. I let love and peace and joy
permeates every activity and extend their healing action
to all whom I meet.