Friday, May 1, 2009


When I say " I AM" I intensify and particularise the Power of Infinite Mind. I AM is God, and God always manifests spontaneously, naturally, according to the swiftness of his nature. Whatever I identify as I AM becomes my I Am, part of my being, character, disposition. Therefore I will never say, I am sick, I am poor, I am unhappy; there is no work, times are bad, no one likes me, or I hate anything. These are all negative, destructive, self-made poverty beliefs.

The Law having no mind of Its own, can only work on what I select and identify as my I Am. It is utterly foolish for me to curse, condemn, or name persons, places or things, for this instantly becomes part of my consciousnes. I Am is the identity and ego of my being. It is God individualised. I can now declare with complete confidence and understanding that everything God Is, I Am, and everything that I Am, God Is, though I am not all of God.


God created me to express His divine nature. Therefore, I Am success, I Am progress, I Am health, and I am sure that this is so. I glorify God by glorifying myself spiritually, divinely, unselfishly. I Am the perfect creation of the perfect Mind of God.

This is a law of complete rejection and obliteration to every suggestion of sickness and limitation.

God saying 'I AM' in me, through me as the I AM that I AM, is a law of complete harmony to every condition and circumstance that confronts me. Every action, incident, movement, faculty, function and organ in the Divine Creation is an idea of God and is constantly declaring I AM. Everything in me and around me is declaring God is what I Am; I Am what God Is. This is the I AM that I Am forever more.