Saturday, May 30, 2009


... No man putteth a piece of a new garment upon an old .... - Luke 5:36

A life that is inspired of Divine Love, is never a patched-up affair. It is total newness, new personhood. The old habits, attitudes, prejudices, and moods are not covered over but are completely replaced. One cannot hold love in one hand and bits of fear, hatred, or malice in the other "just in case". Love requires our total response and cannot be fulfilled through us if we retain a lot of little reservations, Life embraces the whole person - his thought, feeling, and action.

This means that when all of our relationships come within the context of God's Love, nothing is omitted - physical well-bring, mental and emotional health, or our human activities.

Wholeness of personality means health of personality; negative emotions, self-concern, self pity, hatred, fear - all the strength destroying forces - are cleansed away and in their place love, joy, peace, patience, and self-control are established. In the Presence of God the total makeup of personality is realigned. In the awareness of our Sonship we become a new person in both mind and body. This is the basic theme and purpose of the Gospel as taught by Jesus. At the base of all successful, creative living is the experience of being continuously renewed by the inflow of the Divine.

I am a new person today; new in thought, new in feelings, new in motivation and purpose, new in physical health. I live today from the point of view of God's Perfection. I live in the full realisation of the Divine Harmony within and about me.

Every day and every hour we are meeting the Eternal realities of Life, and in such degree as we cooperate with these eternal realities in Love, in Peace, in Wisdom and in Joy... we are automatically blessed.