Saturday, May 30, 2009


And wneh he came to himself, he said ... I will arise and go to my father ... - Luke 15: 17 - 18

The parable of the prodigal son is universally known and loved. It teaches not only the great freedom that has been given man in living his life, but also the great Love of God toward man, a Love that is without condemnation or punishment. But to live only on our own terms usually ends in lostness and need. There can be no fulfillment unless we are oriented to the Divine Presence in which each of us is centered.

In many ways everyone is a prodigal. We squander our talents and abilities in imprudent, weak, and tragic ways. We wander into the far country - into a conscious belief of separation from the eternal Good. Shall we awaken today to our real self, to the reality of the Divine nature ever opened to us, and accept the wholeness and wisdom of the Divine bounty? God's response is eternal and changeless.

The stay-at-home son gives us another of human ignorance. We often condemn others for not believing as we do, and we somehow expect God to condemn them too. We become self-righteous and conceited and full of vanity and anger. Yet, God's responde to this son's complaint again his brother was; "...Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine".

I turn back to God today that I may live in the consciousness of His Love and know the peace and healing and restoration It gives. Forgiving and forgetting that which was done in ignorance, I seek to live now in the eternal Goodness of God.

Substance and supply exist eternally in the Father's house; health, happiness, and success are native to the heavenly home, and God Himself shall be our Host.