Saturday, May 16, 2009


"Be still, my emotional nature. You are my servant, not my king!" Unperturbed, I take complete possession of the sequence of events. I let go and let God take over. My heart and mind cannot be discomforted by an unyielding will or a single discordant belief. The Spirit of the eternal I AM is here, breathing through me the beauty and ecstasy of the eternal Presence. God, Thou art the Supreme Master of my being. Father, Thou art All-in-all in me and I in Thee. I am relaxed. Like a child I rest on the bosom of the Infinite. O, my Soul, silently I surrender and let the divine Will flood my consciousness with Love's eternal Light. My emotional nature releases its hold on the heart and mind and the affairs of the day and my Soul is relieved of all pressure. Silently I surrender, Father-Mother God, and let all Your Love flow through me.


Silence! and the open door to the Kingdom within swings open. Omniscience now floods my entire being with Love's endless joy and right action. I rise to new heights of peace, harmony, strength and power in divine knowingness. Old desires and resistances drop away. The compassion of forgiveness illumines my Soul with glorious freedom. The Father within me says, Lo, I am with you always for I AM your Peace. I AM Power, for I AM the Omnipotence of your being. I AM Love which never fails. I AM joy, the inspiration of your being. I AM Mind, Supreme Intelligence, the Christed Consciousness of all things. I AM Life, your life, superb, serene, immortal. Thank you Father, I know You are the eternal Spirit of my being and It can never be destroyed. Silently I surrender and rest in the Great Heart of God.